Puruvesi canned fish is an excellent provision, a handy makeshift at home, a delicious topping on a piece of rye bread and a clean Finnish delicacy. Puruvesi canned fish is produced by the Holiday Resort Naaranlahti.

For the gourmet we have canned perch, vendace, whitefish and roach in tomato or canola oil sauce. If you are not interested in fish, we also have canned seasoned elk roast.

Prices for batches

Weight Price Price incl. a gift box
210g 4,00€ 4,90€
410g 7,00€ 8,00€

The stylish gift box is printed with a text: “Yhteistyöstä kiittäen! Thank you for co-operation!”. The package can also be printed with a custom text upon request. The product will keep for 5 years unopened in room temperature.